AREA landscape architects

The Moots

Inspired by the ancient Ting Mounds built by the Vikings, The Moots create a landmark park designed to celebrate human ingenuity and present new opportunities for habitat creation and recreation.

Taking the simple terraced form of old Norse meeting mounds as their foundation, The Moots are sculpted and chiselled from the material excavated from the Moorside site to create a composition of striking contemporary earthworks of slopes, terraces, plateaus, hollows, valleys and water.

A rich mosaic of plant habitats will stabilise the mounds, support flood attenuation, and create a dynamic landscape for wildlife and people.   

The Moots do not try to compete with the scale and magnificence of the Lakeland Fells; they are clearly man‐made, and offer an intriguing landscape to screen and frame views, and myriad possibilities for local people and visitors to access and enjoy a wide range of activities and experiences, as a catalyst for growth and opportunity.